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Construction Murphys, CA

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Whatever the project calls for, we understand how intimidating a construction project can seem. There are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for - getting the proper plans and permits, materials, design layouts, timeline constraints, and more. Trying to do this all on a budget can seem like an impossible task. However, no need to worry! These are the exact reasons why Tamarack Construction exists. We are standing by with our dedicated Murphys CA personnel to assist you and help work through every last detail with you until the project is complete.

Let Our Crew Do The Heavy Lifting

We operate a little bit differently than the large construction corporations in Northern California. We are experienced and equipped with the ability to perform a vast array of tasks with significantly shorter lead times, while always maintaining industry-leading quality. Additionally, without the massive overhead costs associated with maintaining a large office and a large corporate staff, we keep our prices competitive in the the Murphys area. Tamarack owner Kenny Emerson loves what he does - being able to wake up every morning and work hard to serve his community by building incredible homes, structures, and more is what fuels this family-owned business. And this passion is contagious - that is why we are proud of our spotless reputation. With 5-star ratings on both Google and Home Advisor, we strive to continuously improve so that we can continue to satisfy our loyal customers year after year.

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How We Operate

Kicking off your Murphys construction project with Tamarack Construction doesn't need to be complicated.

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Step 1: Let's Talk Things Though

If you think you are in need of any construction services, we are easy to get ahold of. Let's have a conversation to get the ball rolling. We want to learn what your overall goals and expectations are. If you don't have all the answers at this point, no need to worry. We want to guide and assist you to figure out the best way to accomplish the required tasks. You can either give us a call or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Step 2: Let's Nail Down The Details

Once we have taken the appropriate amount of time to meet and talk everything through with you, we will provide you with pricing. Our pricing will include the high level details for your construction project, as well as our expected timeline for each major milestone. We believe in cull transparency at Tamarack, we won't hide anything from you so that there are never any surprises along the way. We leverage our local partnerships to give you a fair price you can afford.

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Step 3: The Construction Project Itself

Once you give us the go-ahead to get started, we begin planning out the finer details of your project right away. Whether it's a large project like a new home or a smaller concrete pour, we always subscribe to the old adage to "measure twice, cut once." We have found that over the years, the more diligent we are in the planning phase the quicker and better we are when it comes to the build. We will update you throughout the entire project until everything is complete.

Serving Murphys For Years To Come

Murphys is our home, and we are honored to be apart of this wonderful community. We are often working right near home in Murphys, you may have seen us at work recently! Check out some photos of what we have been working on lately. Feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook as well, we would love to chat!

Murphys Construction
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Any further question? Give us a call today!

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